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Intelligent Weighing IL-50.01 Moisture Analyzer

Intelligent Weighing IL-50.01 Moisture Analyzer

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The IL TS moisture analyzer has a color touch screen that stands out when compared to other analysis devices. The display is great for reading results easily every time. The IL-50.01 comes with great features perfect for basic moisture testing. It comes with a how-use guide to help even untrained operators to use the device well. Making it ideal for multiple types of applications, the IL-50.01 moisture analyzer uses halogen bulbs which heats/dries up samples rapidly. Meanwhile, the interface allows the users to manipulate data in various ways.

Why buy the IL-50.01 from Intelligent Weighing?

The IL TS moisture analyzer has a round halogen lamp that dries samples pretty quickly and evenly. It features an external calibration to get the job done accurately. The system also has liquid level indicators to help you get a proper balance level. This is essential to get the most accurate weight reading every time.

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberIL-50.01
ManufacturerIntelligent Weighing Technology
Capacity (g)50
Readability (g)0.01
Part Number7-IL2-S500-122
IL-50_spec (228.62 kB)

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