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Sartorius MSE125P-100-DI Semi - Micro Balance

Sartorius MSE125P-100-DI Semi - Micro Balance

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Cubis Polyrange Semi-Micro w/ B&W LCD, Auto Doors with Ionizer, Auto Level (60/120 g x 0.01/0.1 mg)

The Cubis® was developed for users, who expect the best possible performance from a lab balance across the board but only want to invest in what is necessary. For this reason, Sartorius has gone far beyond simply further developing what already exists. The new Cubis® represents a groundbreaking new concept: Cubis® is the first lab balance of an entirely modular design which means that display and control units, weighing models, draft shield models, interfaces, and much more can be freely combined. But it doesn't end there. Even the technological innovations and features included in this lab balance for the first time place the Cubis® far beyond the current standards for premium lab balances. It offers the user never before seen freedom of choice. The user can configure his or her lab balance to suit his or her individual needs. This makes every Cubis® a unique and unrivaled balance because every Cubis® is tailored to an individual profile of specifications without compromising a thing.

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BrandCubis Series
Part NumberMSE125P-100-DI
Capacity (g)120
Readability (g)0.00001
Manufacturer Part NumberMSE125P-100-DI
Pan Size3.35'' x 3.35''
Warranty2 years

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