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Low Moisture Analyzers (LOD) for Plastics, etc...

Low moisture analyzers, operating on the Loss on Drying (LOD) principle, are specialized instruments designed for the accurate detection of trace moisture levels in materials like plastics, chemicals, and other industrial products. These analyzers are critical in applications where even minimal moisture content can significantly affect product quality, stability, and performance, such as in plastics manufacturing where moisture can impact the mechanical properties of the final product.

These devices function by heating a sample to evaporate moisture, which is then quantified by measuring the weight loss. Low moisture analyzers are equipped with highly sensitive weighing scales and precise heating elements to detect moisture levels as low as a few parts per million, ensuring rigorous quality control. They often feature automated systems for sample handling and data processing, which provide reliable and repeatable results with minimal operator intervention. Essential for maintaining optimal production standards, low moisture analyzers are key tools in industries requiring stringent moisture control.

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