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Adam Equipment PT 315-5S [AE403a] Platform Scale

SKU PT 315-5S [AE403a]

With rugged construction to endure demanding washdown environments, PT stainless steel platform scales provide the ultimate in durability for a variety of commercial, industrial and mining applications. Ideal for weighing food products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or mining materials, the PT stainless steel platform features an IP66-rated load cell and stainless steel junction box, sealed for protection against water and dust. Easy to clean, the grade 304 stainless steel plate can tolerate frequent washing, while the sleek brushed surface helps prevent the accumulation of food and dirt particles.The PT stainless steel scale is supported by a reinforced frame beneath the platform, allowing the scale to accommodate substantial loads. Offering solid, dependable stability, PT stainless steel’s heavy-duty rubber feet are adjustable to compensate for uneven weighing surfaces. Optional ramps are tailor-made to fit the exact size of each platform. PT stainless steel platform can be paired with the AE 403 indicator to provide the features and functions needed for any demanding washdown weighing task.