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Benchmark D1032-60 Prefilled 2.0ml tubes, 6 mm Ceria Based Zirconium Oxide Satellite, 50pk

SKU D1032-60

The BeadBug™ 6 joins the large capacity BeadBlaster™ 24 and personal sized BeadBug™ as the newest member of the Benchmark homogenizer line.

Like the other members of the Benchmark Microtube Homogenizer family, the

BeadBug 6 utilizes a three dimensional shaking motion to disrupt samples. This motion, when combined with beads of the appropriate size and material, causes high velocity impacts with the sample and is an extremely fast and efficient method for releasing cellular contents, including nucleic acids and proteins.

Many different sample types, from cells in culture to organ tissues and bone

can be homogenized in the BeadBug 6, most within 45 seconds. Programming

the unit is very simple – just set the speed, time, number of cycles and pause

between cycles, then press start. For convenience, the last programmed

parameters remain in memory for repeated runs.

Sealed tubes prevent cross contamination in the BeadBug 6. Samples are

simply loaded into the tubes along with the beads and placed in the unit for

processing. After homogenization, tubes are spun briefly in a centrifuge, and

the lysate removed with a pipette.

Designed to fit the needs of medium throughput laboratories, the BeadBug 6 can simultaneously process up to six samples in 2.0ml tubes. With optional adapters,the unit will also accept two 5.0ml tubes. A full range of bead materials and sizes are available in both prefilled tubes and in bulk to meet all your sample processing needs.