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DSC HFT 2000FP™ Digital Fat Tester with Tablet Computer (For Pure & Raw Ground Pork, Beef or Poultry)

by DSC

Fast, Accurate and Easy to Use! The DSC HFT-2000 ® fat analyzer allows control of fat content at profitable levels and is cost effective for both small meat markets and large Chain Super Stores. This system is used in hundreds of markets with proven reliability and a fast pay-back period.

DSC Fat Analysis Precision vs. Traditional method:

  • DSC Fat Analysis is ± 0.5% Range of 1%
  • Traditional Fat Analysis is ± 2.0% Range of 4.0%
  • DSC Fat Analysis is Four Times More Precise
  • DSC Fat Analysis is also Accurate for Lean Samples

HFT2000, HFT-2000