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DSC HFT 2000M™ Moisture Analyzer

by DSC


- Balance Capacity 45 Grams

- Readability of Results 0.01%

- Balance Readability 0.001Gram

- Temperature Range 50 - 200° C

- Halogen Rapid Heating

- RS232 Connection

- Unit Holds 50 Test Parameters Memory

- Two (2) Year Warranty

The DSC HFT 2000M™ Moisture Analyzer offers flexible performance to accommodate advanced applications for a variety of laboratory or QC settings. Its easy to use interface allows users with any skill level to operate it efficiently. The HFT 2000 utilizes a halogen lamp to her samples between 50º to 200ºC in 1º increments. Set the heating options to Standard, Fast, Ramp or Stepped. The custom backlit LCD displays results in moisture percentages, solids percentages, regain percentages, temperature, weight (in grams), test ID, drying curve and statistics. It reads in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. GLP/GMP printing option included.


  • 45g Maximum Weight Capacity
  • 0.01%/0.001g Readability
  • 0.3% Repeatability
  • Halogen Lamp Heating Technology
  • 3 Heating Options
  • 3 Shutoff/Timing Criteria Options
  • Custom Backlit LCD
  • Multi-lingual Display Languages
  • Stores 50 Programs