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Genie SI-1400 Incubator

by Genie
SKU SI-1400
Allows to heat, rotate, rock, and shake all in one compact unit. The incubator is best for applications such as Gel & Blot staining, Cell or Bacterial Culture, as well as any application that requires mixing, washing, rocking, and temperature control of a sample. Our unique air circulation system gently and continuously guarantees temperature consistency throughout the entire chamber and mixing process. The unit is compatible with an extensive accessory line-up. Supplied with 1 Clip Plate each for 10-13 mm, 15-17mm, 28-30mm Tubes, 4 Bag Mounting Strips, Non-Skid Tray and Shelf. Supplied with magnetic platform; one clip plate each for 10–13 mm, 15–17 mm, 28–30 mm tubes; four bag mounting strips; nonskid tray; stackable wire rack.