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Intelligent Weighing VPS-506G Stainless Steel Washdown Bench Scale


The VPS is a Stainless Steel, Washdown bench scale that is great for sanitary applications, as you can lightly spray it off without worry of damaging the scale. This scale comes with a stainless steel load cell as well, so rust and water damage is less of an issue over time. The VPS Ultra models come with a hermetically sealed load cell which can withstand high pressure washdown. This is great for food production, and messy environments. Features and Benefits: Stainless steel platform, pillar, indicator, load cell and housing ? easy to clean for food processing or harsh environments / washdown resistant. Heavy duty construction ? will withstand harsh industrial operation. Reads in grams, pounds and pounds:ounces ? flexibility of operation. Accumulation function ? allows you to add together conscutive weights to arrive at a total. Wide angle backlit LCD display ? can be seen from a wide viewing range. Built-in rechargeable battery and external power adapter ? portability, battery lasts a nimimum of 100 hours (without backlight). UWE, VPS-506G, Industrial Stainless Steel Bench Scale, 13.2 lb x 0.002 lb