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IW Tremont CFP1234-1500 Phase separating cellulose filter paper, fast flow, 15.0cm dia, 100/pk

SKU CFP1234-1500
Quadrant fold or cone fold for use in a filter funnel or simply drop the filter disk into a Buchner funnel
 May be stacked with finer porosity filter paper or used in series for final filtration
 Reduces solvent volume waste in many applications and aids in greater recoveries
 A mature product which is written into many standard methods and SOP’s. It is a lab staple.
Phase separator filter paper –
These cellulose filters create a hydrophobic barrier that can replace a separatory funnel to separate organic solvents from aqueous phase.
This grade demonstrates a fast flow rate with similar retention to our Qualitative Grade CFP1 filter paper.
Retention: Thickness: Basis weight:
11μm 0.20mm 88.0g/m2
This paper is treated with immobilized silicone which allows solvent to pass and retains aqueous phase.
Widely used in environmental studies and reduces separation time significantly compared to separatory funnel.