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Mettler Toledo® - HC103 - Moisture Balance

The Mettler-Toledo HC103 moisture analyzer has a capacity of 101 grams and a readability of 1 milligram.

Special Features:
-Large color touchscreen
-Programmable methods
-Multiple languages
-Setup wizard and tutorial
-Graphical user guidance
-Real-time drying curve
-Result reporting via PDF/CSV
-Instrument configuration via USB drive
-Metal housing
-Easy to clean
-Reliable halogen technology

This system has a 7-inch screen and is an important tool because it provides ease of operation by the user. The interface makes it simple for operations to happen swiftly. Guidance is provided with a step by step guide making things relatively self-explanatory. The design that was chosen makes it easier to be guaranteed positive accurate results every time. This design is also important because it enables the equipment to work in any environment.

Why you should buy Mettler HC103

  • The unit comes with a setup guide that makes it easy to get a step by step tutorial on how to use it. This guide automatically shows up on your screen when you power it up.
  • A large and easy to see user interface makes it easy to navigate even for the untrained operator.
  • Easy configuration of the device further allows for quick testing of samples: It allows for creation of shortcuts for streamlined access and alterations.