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Mettler Toledo ML6002T ML-T Precision Balance


The Mettler Toledo ML6002T ML-T Precision Balance has a built-in ISO-Log function that provides full traceability of all weight relevant adjustments. Any changes made during routine testing or via FACT are logged automatically, saving time.

Built-in applications and a simple user interface makes this balance easy to use, even for untrained operators. Its weighing-in guide helps users dose within tolerances. Any warnings are clearly indicated in red. All results can be sent directly to a print or wirelessly to a PC, alleviating the need to write results down by hand.

Features and Benefits:
  • MonoBloc weighing cell with proFACT automatic internal adjustment delivers consistently reliable results
  • Passcodes protect balance settings
  • MinWeigh function ensures measurement accuracy
  • Touchscreen display makes weighing easy
  • Electronic guidance simplifies balance leveling