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Reconditioned CEM Labwave 9000 Microwave Moisture Analyzer

by CEM
The CEM Labwave 9000 Microwave Moisture and Solids offers rapid analysis, ease of use, proven accuracy and precision, direct measurement, versatility and durability.

This Reconditioned CEM Labwave 9000 Microwave Moisture Analyzer provides fast, real-time results that are immediately available for process control and quality control. Its durable construction provides reliable operation in the laboratory as well as production environments. The LabWave 9000™ does not require any calibration before performing measuring applications. It provides precise microwave power control in 1% increments, allowing reproducible drying without degradation. Menu-driven software makes this analyzer very easy to use. It offers storage of operating parameters for up to 20 programs. Serial ports make it convenient to connect the LabWave 9000™ to a variety of laboratory balances and personal computers for data collection.


  • 50g Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Measure/Solids Range: 0.01% to 99.9T in liquids, solids and slurries
  • 0.01% Resolution
  • 0.1mg Readability
  • Microwave Power: 0 to 100% of full power in 1% increments
  • Program Storage: 20 methods
  • Data Entry: Alphanumeric keypad with menu-driven software
  • High Resolution Backlit LCD Graphics Display
  • 25-pin, parallel type Printer Port
  • Computer Port: RS232, 9-pin, IBM AT compatible
  • External Balance Port, RS232, 9-pin