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Reconditioned CEM Smart System 5 Microwave Moisture Analyzer

by CEM
SKU CEM_Smart5

The Reconditioned CEM Smart System 5 Microwave Moisture Analyzer offers many features that make it suitable for the pharmaceutical, dairy, chemical, wastewater and food industries. Compact and rugged, the Smart System 5 can be utilized on the production floor or inside laboratories. It accurately analyzes a variety of sample types including powders, slurries and solids in a wide variety of applications. It can also analyze difficult samples such as total solids, total volatile solids, chemical and polymer slurries and heat-sensitive samples. The analyzer comes with easy-to-use multilingual software with help screens which guide the operator through a test.


  • 50g Maximum Weight Capacity
  • 0.01% to 99.9% Moisture/Solids Range in Liquids, Solids and Slurries
  • 0.01% Readability
  • Program/Data Storage: 100 methods/300 results
  • Standard Software: Constant weight & time, Fat, Moisture, TS, TSS, TVSS, Dilutions, syringe weighing
  • Keypad with Menu-driven Software
  • Black & White VGZ (320 x 240) Display
  • Accessory Ports: 2 serial, RS232 nine-pin ports for external balance, computer or bar code, 1 parallel port, 25-pin per external printer
  • Internal Impact Printer