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DSC Glass Fiber Sample Pads 9.0 cm™ for Moisture Analyzers (CEM alternative) 400 pads

by DSC
SKU DSC_1019-2
Available in Case (20 boxes per case) at discounted price!

Glass fiber pads play a crucial role in moisture analyzers to get accurate results when testing various samples. The glass fiber pads are made from proprietary material that keeps liquids from splattering in the sample to ensure that heat is equally distributed. These pads are used in furnaces, water filtration and for testing moisture content levels in liquids and semi-solids.

The glass fiber pads are designed to fit in all moisture analyzers that have 9cm pan such as Mettler Toledo, Ohaus, Arizona instruments, Sartorius and Radwag among others. These sample pads are made with the highest level of care and precision to meet the criteria set by AOAC. They are perfect for testing samples that have a high moisture content samples that is why they are ideal to be used in moisture analyzers, microwave moisture analyzers and convection ovens and fat testing equipment.