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Sartorius MA150C Moisture Analyzer


The Sartorius MA150C Moisture Analyzer offers the utmost measurement accuracy and durability. It is designed to provide very even heat distribution, making it well-suited for thermally sensitive samples. The optional version comes without glass, which is ideal for food production applications. It comes with 20 program memory modules for quick method changing. They are saved in a non-volatile memory module with freely selectable parameters. The data storage saves the results until the start of the next measurement. The hinged cover allows full access to the sample chamber. Operators can use the menu-driven, alphanumeric dialogue text in five different languages. The text also includes symbols.


  • 150g Maximum Weight Capacity
  • 0.2% Repeatability with 1g Sample
  • 0.05% Repeatability with 5g Sample
  • Multifunctional Reading Display
  • Infrared heating using a halogen round heater
  • 40º - 180ºC, standby temperature selectable from 40 - 100ºC in increments of 1º
  • Standard and Gentle Drying Heating Programs
  • Hinged Cover Access
  • Data Storage
  • Multifunctional Shutoff Criteria
  • Two Report Printout Options