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Torbal FB500 Precision Force Gauges

by Torbal

100lbf x 0.02lbf (500N x 0.1N) Precision digital force gauge for tension and compression testing. Ideal for applications requiring a maximum capacity of 100lbf and a resolution of 0.02lbf. USB, RS232, and expandable microSD allow for easy PC connectivity and data management. The FB includes all essential force measuring modes such as Peak, Multi Peak, and Standard (Real Time). Every function is optimized with statistical analysis, onscreen graphs, and a histogram. The FB series is powered by four powerful and easily removable batteries which keep the unit charged up to 32 hours. The unit is ergonomic and rugged with overload protection up to 200% at full scale, and equipped with a used-capacity-indicator which shows the amount of capacity used during force measurements.