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Torbal ATS60 Precision Moisture Analyzer

by Torbal
0.01% [60g x 0.001g]

The Torbal ATS60 is a superior moisture analyzer with a variety of features and settings. It has electromagnetic cells that are high functioning and incorporate halogen lamps throughout the oven. Not only is it easy to adjust temperature settings, but an optimized display produces some of the best graphical depictions when it comes to analysis and results.

The Torbal ATS60 has something for everyone, with onscreen printing as well as a unique front panel. With a capacity of up to sixty grams and accuracy to the thousandths, this is one of the most highly recommended devices for daily laboratory use. It is extremely effective and helps get data outputs ready through a variety of formats. Temperature settings and graphical displays of data are a breeze with this model. No matter what you are looking for, the ATS60 is sure to deliver high quality and sustainable results every time.

  • electromagnetic load-cell,
  • equipped with a 200W halogen lamp drying oven,
  • external Temperature adjustment,
  • graphical LCD display,
  • USB, RS232, and PS2 interfaces.