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Torbal AGS120 250C PRO Professional Moisture Analyzer

by Torbal
0.01% [120g x 0.001g] 250C

The Torbal AGS120 250C Pro is a powerful solution for moisture analysis. Each unit comes with a variety of accessories including tweezers, pans that are disposable, micro spoons and forceps. Featuring USB and RS232 technology, this device is great for getting measurements and also storing them outside of the device. What makes this model even more effective is the vast temperature range that goes all the way up to two hundred and fifty degrees Celsius.

Connecting to PCs through easy to use and access ports makes this a competitive product no matter what your purposes and goals are. The sleek design and elegant interface help customize trials and get the best results in both moisture analysis and sample heating. The sturdy metal housing makes this an appliance that will serve you time and time again. Get superior results and high quality performance with the Torbal AGS120 250C Pro!