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Torbal AGS60 250C PRO Professional Moisture Analyzer

by Torbal
SKU 16219
0.01% [60g x 0.001g] 250C

This top of the line piece of equipment was designed with you in mind. One of its most outstanding features is the heavy-duty metal that is meant to withstand any weight of samples. The Torbal AGS60 250C Pro enables the secure connection of the base equipment with the computer every time. One of the key benefits of this is the ability to print information that is displayed on the machine. Some of the data that is acquired could be transferred to Word or other programs for easy documentation.

This is a feature that is so significant to the users because it is used to revise the parameters of data as they are collected. When you are done with the analysis, the equipment prints out a receipt that shows the initial and final sample. It has a graphical display that enables simplified viewing of results throughout the entire process.