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Whatman 1851-045 Grade QM-A Quartz Microfiber Filter for Air Sampling, Diameter: 4.5cm, Pore Size: 2.2µm (Pack of 100)

by Whatman
SKU 1851-045
QMA 4.5CM 100/PK
High-purity quartz (SiO2) microfiber filters are used for air sampling in acidic gases, stacks, flues and aerosols, particulauly at high temperatures up to 800 degrees C and in PM-10 testing. Due to the low level of alkaline earth metals, "artifact" products of sulfates and nitrates (from SO2 and NO2) are virtually eliminated. High-purity quartz microfiber filters are therefore applicable for particulate monitoring and heavy metal analysis. QM-A, comes sequentiully numbered according to EPA standards, and is suitaule for most applications.