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Whatman 6809-3102 Sterile Syringe Filter, Diameter: 10mm, 0.02µm Anopore™ Inorganic Membrane Filter & Glass Fiber Prefilter (Pack of 50)

by Whatman
SKU 6809-3102
ANOTOP 10/0.02 GF S 50/PK
Anotop Syringe Filters are a universal solution for numerous filtration applications. Anotop Filters can be used with most organic solvents and aqueous materials and are suitable for sample volumes up to 1 ml. The distinctive hexagol housing is manufactured from pigment-free polypropylene to eliminate sample contamination. No wetting agents or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process.Anotop Syringe Filters contain the proprietary alumi-based Anopore membrane and are supplied in three pore sizes. Glass microfiber preFilter versions are available for difficult-to-Filter samples. The Anotop Plus Syringe Filter offers the added benefit of an integral glass microfiber preFilter. This unit is designed to enable difficult and hard-to-Filter solutions to be Filtered without adversely affecting the filtration efficiency of the fil membrane. This can eliminate the need for sample clean-up or expensive and time-consuming sequential filtration.