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Whatman MUPG2MCWT8, Multicompressor Tray for Mini UniPrep G2 syringeless HPLC Filter (1 pc)

by Whatman
MUP G2 Multi Compressor Tray
Polycap HD (Heavy Duty) is a well-engineered product that offers high filtration efficiency and excellent filtrate purity due to its materials and methods of manufacture.Polycap HD provides an advantage in process applications as its performance characteristics fit between gross Filters and microporous membrane Filters used for fil filtration.1% polypropylene Filter media, support system and housing allows usage with broad range of solutions, pH, and temperature.High flow and high retention capacity.Able to be sterilized by autoclaving with steam.Manual vent with luer lock to bleed air from upstream or serve as an injection or sample port.Available in .45, 1., 5., 1, or 2 um Absolute retention rating and a variety of end-fitting configurations.