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Mettler Toledo HE73 Moisture Analyzer


The halogen moisture analyzer HE73 is the simplest and most effective system of its kind. It features screen-assistance that can help even the most inexperienced to learn how to use it. Mettler Toledo has vast experience in making high quality moisture analyzers that are simple to use and have a long shelf life. The HE73 comes with a self-explanatory free to use moisture guide that will help you set it up and get on with your business in a matter of minutes. The LCD backlit display makes it easy to read the results. Select the samples you want to measure out on an empty weighing pan and spread evenly. After that, simply press start and the most accurate readings will appear instantaneously.

Why you should buy Mettler HE73

It comes with a straightforward guide catching you up with the know-how to use it quickly. This guide helps you through the steps to start your moisture analysis straight away.