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Radwag HY10.16.HRP High Resolution Scales

by Radwag

The Most Precise Weighing Results in Industrial Conditions.Advanced HY10.HRP.H multifunctional scale enables fast and precise mass measurements in challenging industrial conditions. The scale enables carrying out measurements with very high resolutions available so far only for laboratory balances.Reliability and Safety.Robust platform made of stainless steel and high ingress protection allow to operate the scale in moist environment and at direct contact with water (e.g. meat and fish industry, etc.). The protection system against overloads and mechanical shocks ensures durability and endurance in everyday use.Versatility of Use. HY 10 . HRP.H scale is perfect for applications requiring high accuracy, precision and repeatability of measurement in challenging industrial conditions.Cooperation with PUE HY10 Indicator.The scale can be operated via advanced PUE HY10 indicator controlled by Windows system. Hermetic housing is made of stainless steel.Uncomplicated Operation and Clear Presentation of Indications.10.1” large colour touch screen ensures excellent readability and comfortable operation. Clear menu and intuitive information arrangement on the display guarantee user-friendly performance.Remote Configuration.Parameters Editor software enables remote indicator operation from anywhere in the world.AutomaticAdjustment.Internal adjustment system guarantees the highest accuracy and reliable measurements results. Uncomplicated Databases Archiving.An extensive database enables archiving work results and periodic reports, data exchange between indicators and information import and export. Images database allows to assign a graphic to each weighing product.