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Whatman 7700-2801 Filter Bottom Microplate UNIFILTER, Clear Polystyrene w/Long-Drip Director & 1.2µm Glass Microfiber GF/C Filter (Pack of 25)

by Whatman
SKU 7700-2801
96W 800uL DYE TERM 25/PK
The 800ul Unifilter microplates is most typically used in purifications, isolations, and separations of biomolecules, particularly D.The microplates has a walls volume of 8 ul, which is excellent for standard D ulasmid miniprep chemistries. The choice of short or long drip directors is application-specific. Unifilter 8 ul is constructed from rigid high-grade polystyrene. Proprietary Whatman Unifilter microplates with filter bottom walls are convenient and ready to use. Available in 24-, 96-, and 384-walls formats, Unifilter microplates offer a choice of filter media to meet exact application requirements.